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Low noise amplifier module 200 - 3000 MHz


The ETSA module PARF101001 is a SMD amplifier dedicated for wireless applications. This low-cost module presents a high linearity associated with a low noise figure, and its unconditional stability allows a very simple integration without any external components, with a single voltage supply.


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Bande de fréquence / Frequency Band 200 - 3000 MHz
Gain / Gain 26 dB
P. d'entrée max / Max Input Power +13 dBm
Point de compression/Compression point < 21 dBm
ICP3 +40 dBm
Facteur de bruit / Noise Figure 2.3 dB
Point de compression/Compression point +21 dBm
Presentation Boîtier CMS
Alimentation / Power Supply + 5V
Dimensions 25,4 x 19,05 mm