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Low noise amplifier 800-2500 MHz


The ETSA module PARF101005 is a SMD amplifier dedicated for wireless applications. This module presents a high linearity associated with an ultra low noise figure, and its balanced configuration allow a very simple integration with a good I/O VSWR without any external components.


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Facteur de bruit / Noise Figure 0.7 dB(@1GHz) 1.6dB(@2.2GHz)
Gain / Gain 22 dB(@1GHz) 17dB(@2,2GHz)
T° de fonct. / Operating Temp. -40 / +90 °C
Bande de fréquence / Frequency Band 800-2500 MHz
Puissance de sortie / Output Power +23 dBm
ICP3 +33 dBm
Temps de propagation / Group Delay 0,8 ns
Alimentation / Power Supply +5 VDC
Consommation / Consumption <190mA